More to Dear Evan Hansen

Check out the latest release of another song from the musical Dear Evan Hansen… What a lovely song 🙂




Bring It On


It’s no secret that over the past two years, there’s been a massive hype over Hamilton the musical. However, some of you may not realise that Lin-Manuel Miranda also co-wrote the music and lyrics to Bring It On The Musical. Now that you know this, you might just be able to hear his style of writing in this musical. Don’t some moments just reminds you of In The Heights and Hamilton?

Most of the characters in the musical are high school students, which means the songs such as Killer Instinct and One Perfect Moment are very suitable for a lot of MT students to sing in their early 20s, and they are often popular choices amongst girls.

Check out the following clips and playlist if you are not familiar with the show, but if you are, you may still find it interesting to take a look at the performance from the 2013 Tony Awards Ceremony and the recording session of one of the songs in the videos below.

Enjoy 🙂


Tony Awards performance 2013


Cast Recording Session


A short playlist of the cast recording album




Kevin Spacey: “There is no price!”


“There is no price out there, the only price is yourself, and what you feel and what you want to accomplish!” says Kevin Spacey.

For this Monday/week, I decided to share with you this video of Kevin Spacey’s advice. Kevin Spacey is one of the most prominent actors of his generation. He was also the artistic director of the Old Vic until 2015. During his time servicing as artistic director, he continues to perform, appearing both on stage and screen. He’s been there, done it, and he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to a performing career.

This little extract from an interview captured the essence of what we performers choose to do what we do. It strikes me the most when he says that it is ‘not enough to just want to be successful, because that’s just desire’, but to know what you want and understand why you are doing it – that is the key to achieving anything you want.

Being a performer isn’t just about singing pretty tunes and kicking your legs from time to time. For me, it’s about sharing a message, it’s about educating, it’s about exchanging and collaborating. I want to use my skills and knowledge to enrich other people’s experience, that to me is more valuable and satisfying. As a teacher, this is also the reason why I am happy to put in the extra work for my students, as long as they are willing to learn and do the work.

What is your reason for choosing to perform? And what is driving you to achieve your goals?

Have a great week!


Wild Party

The Wild Party by Michael John La Chiusa is coming to The Other Palace (aka St James theatre) soon, arguably the lesser know of the two Wild Partys, but take a look at a little promo clip of Black Is A Moocher, a number from the show here 🙂

Be sure to book your ticket if you are interested!



Little known facts about Phantom

Phantom Of The Opera is one of the longest running shows both at the Westend and on Broadway. Most of us are familiar with the falling chandelier, the song Think Of Me and Music Of The Night and most iconic prop – phantom’s mask.

Despite its successful run, there are some interesting facts which you may not be aware of besides from what’s happening on stage. Are you a Phantom fan? Becuase this may just be the read for your Saturday afternoon, for instance, who knew there are 150 trap doors in this production?!

Enjoy 🙂


9 things you need to know for vocal freedom

Singing is a fascinating subject to many people, we are still at a stage where we are discovering new ideas and trying to understand how the sound/voice production really works. Nowadays, there are masses of books on singing technique, lots of them goes into immense detail about how the author thinks the voice works and their research etc. Of course, we can’t neglect the recent promotion of Estill vocal technique which is used in a lot of colleges now too.

However, it seems like no matter whether you are Estill/classical/pop/jazz trained, we are all aiming for one thing – vocal freedom because the sound produced when the voice is ‘free’ is the most attractive to listen to, also the healthiest. I mean… who wants to listen to a tensed sound for the entire show?

Whether you are singing a pop song, a musical theatre song or lieder, I find the article below sums up some very good points for us all to think about and remind us what we need to remember/do when we are singing.


X need-know-bodies/

Devil Wears Prada

Erm… not sure about you, but I’m super excited about this!!! This is gonna be a good one!!!