Failures are only failures IF you don’t learn from it!

Mistakes are something we all encounter and will undoubtedly make. No one is perfect and no one gets it right the first time round. However, ‘failures are only failures if we don’t learn from our mistakes’.

I saw this recently and thought that I should share it all with you and hopefully, this will inspire and motivate you for the rest of your week. This is a powerful video which sums it all up very nicely. I thought the brilliant examples of Bill Gates and JK Rowling are great examples for us to aspire to, their persistence and determination resulted in them becoming the leading figure for what we know now as Microsoft and Harry Potter.

Although this isn’t strictly linked with MT, but I think we can all take something from this message/lesson. No matter whether this is in your ballet, singing technique or acting through song classes, you can always learn something more and develop further. And just because it doesn’t work for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean you are a failure or the work you’ve done is wasted. Learn the reasons WHY it didn’t work and improve/develop on it for next time. I often say, whilst you are still training in college, it’s all about PROGRESSION and not your assessment results because everyone comes from a different family/culture/musical/dance/training background, it is unhealthy to compare yourself to other colleagues whilst you are still training. And remember, we work in a subjective industry and every person’s opinion is different – one person may applaud your performance, another may be appalled by it. FACT!

So, remember to keep and open mind and keep learning from other people and yourself, because you are all talented individuals who can make a change. Embrace ‘failure’ and don’t let it beat you up. Listen to your teachers, accept the things you can do well and keep them an asset of yours and work on the things that aren’t so strong and improve on them. This is the start of the road to being a content performer.

Happy Monday!


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