9 things you need to know for vocal freedom

Singing is a fascinating subject to many people, we are still at a stage where we are discovering new ideas and trying to understand how the sound/voice production really works. Nowadays, there are masses of books on singing technique, lots of them goes into immense detail about how the author thinks the voice works and their research etc. Of course, we can’t neglect the recent promotion of Estill vocal technique which is used in a lot of colleges now too.

However, it seems like no matter whether you are Estill/classical/pop/jazz trained, we are all aiming for one thing – vocal freedom because the sound produced when the voice is ‘free’ is the most attractive to listen to, also the healthiest. I mean… who wants to listen to a tensed sound for the entire show?

Whether you are singing a pop song, a musical theatre song or lieder, I find the article below sums up some very good points for us all to think about and remind us what we need to remember/do when we are singing.



http://www.totalvocalfreedom.com/9-things-singers- need-know-bodies/

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