Bring It On


It’s no secret that over the past two years, there’s been a massive hype over Hamilton the musical. However, some of you may not realise that Lin-Manuel Miranda also co-wrote the music and lyrics to Bring It On The Musical. Now that you know this, you might just be able to hear his style of writing in this musical. Don’t some moments just reminds you of In The Heights and Hamilton?

Most of the characters in the musical are high school students, which means the songs such as Killer Instinct and One Perfect Moment are very suitable for a lot of MT students to sing in their early 20s, and they are often popular choices amongst girls.

Check out the following clips and playlist if you are not familiar with the show, but if you are, you may still find it interesting to take a look at the performance from the 2013 Tony Awards Ceremony and the recording session of one of the songs in the videos below.

Enjoy šŸ™‚


Tony Awards performance 2013


Cast Recording Session


A short playlist of the cast recording album




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