Maury Yeston: ‘No amount of money or scenery will fix a musical that doesn’t work’

Maury Yeston’s works have been featured a few times in London recently, and no doubt that he is capable of writing memorable music. His shows include Titanic, Death Takes A Holiday, Nine, Grand Hotel, Phantom and the song cycle December Songs.

In this interview, Yeston talks about the importance of music and its role in a musical. This is a fascinating read. Despite not being a composer or a writer, as a trained musician, I empathise Yeston’s insights entirely. A musical is made up predominantly of music and words, it makes total sense to me that those ingredients should be developed and written to the best since no interpretation can mask the faults in the writing. This is why the teachers and I always emphasise on listening to the music as the music (when it’s written well) gives you the information you need to understand and perform your chosen piece.

Check out the interview below for more words of wisdom.


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