Lessons learnt from Dear Evan Hansen

Musicals can be a powerful medium when you have something to say and something we can relate to and resonate about. That is why Wicked is so successful still, especially amongst school students. Aside from the stunning visuals and genius music writing, Wicked is extremely relevant to our day to day lives and our human relationships. It is thought provoking and we can relate to at least one character in the show. Wicked is “Popular” in this sense because additional to the glitz and glam, the show touch on themes and concepts such as friendship, kindness, prejudice, love, good vs evil, bulling, consequences of actions, appearance vs reality, courage etc the list goes on… but the main point is that we can all relate to something that happened to the characters in the show.

Dear Evan Hansen is the latest musical to receive rapturous praise on Broadway. There are many similar themes compared to Wicked. Perhaps because it is set in a real life instead of the land of Oz, the show resonates with their audience night after night, and from this article and brief video synopsis, it sums up some of the lessons we can take/learn from the show as an actor and as a person.





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