Honeymoon In Vegas


Honeymoon In Vegas is Jason Robert Brown’s latest musical. It first appeared as a film in 1992 following the same name.

The plot:

“Mild-mannered Brooklynite, Jack, promised his dying mother that he would never get married, but that was before he met his sweet and beautiful girlfriend, Betsy. Haunted by a fear of Mom’s retribution, Jack avoids proposing but, when he finally summons the nerve to whisk oh-so-patient Betsy off to Las Vegas to get hitched, a dashing gambler named Tommy threatens to sweep his fiancée away to a life of luxury in Hawaii. Realising what he’s about to lose, Jack is determined to do anything to give his love story a happy ending. It all adds up to an action-packed honeymoon that no one will ever forget!” (MTI)

The music follows the older/golden-age classic big band style. I’ve included the soundtrack below, however, if you prefer to purchase the album, you can buy the album from iTunes here or listen to it on Spotify here.

The show is probably most famous for the song I Love Betsy for the gents and Anywhere But Here for the ladies, they are lovely songs and both would be great for auditions.

In addition, if you are interested… Jason Robert Brown discusses the idea and inspiration on the song I Love Betsy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a full-scale production will be done in London Westend anytime soon. However, a concert version of Honeymoon In Vegas will be performed at the Palladium Theatre in London on 12th March 2017, and Jason Robert Brown himself will be conducting the London Musical Theatre Orchestra for that particular concert. Not sure about you, but I’m definitely booking tickets. (Tickets can be booked here)


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