Ed Sherran’s advice


For this week, we have Ed Sheeran to motivate us! Although Ed in this video focuses on embarking a career as a musician, there are many principles I feel we can take and apply that to the field of Musical Theatre.

I remember hearing the theory of 10,000 hours rules – scientists believe that in order to be master any skillset, on average, you need to spend around 10,000 hours of practice. Of course, Ed Sheeran in this video refers to song-writing and getting his songs out to the wider audience as this is what he does for a living and known for. However, I’d encourage all of us to re-listen to his advice again except this time to think of it in terms of Musical Theatre performance, and I hope that you will find it inspiring.

It is encouraging to hear that even someone as successful as Ed Sheeran, at the early stages of his career, he worked hard, kept persevering and produced lots of low quality work. I can definitely relate to that, we need to get bad performances and habits out of the way and learn how to be better, and that is why you go to drama school and not straight to the real world – to have that opportunity to perform out of your comfort zone but in a safe environment.

If you truly want to thrive, keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be a tit, listen to your tutors, otherwise you will always stay mediocre and not excellent!


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