Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein is a musical written by Mel Brooks, who also famously wrote the musical The Producers.

Young Frankenstein is the wickedly inspired re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, which sees the creation of a creature that cannot be controlled. When Frederick Frankenstein, a New York brain surgeon and professor, inherits a Transylvanian castle and laboratory from his genius, but
deranged grandfather, Victor Von Frankenstein, he quickly has some decisions to make.

Facing a scary dilemma, young Frankenstein must choose whether to run from his grandfather’s frightening legacy or to continue to crazily experiment withreanimating the dead. And, in the process, will he fall in love with his sultry lab assistant, Inga? (source)

The show will open at London’s Garrick Theatre on 10 October 2017, with previews from 28 September and its probably a good idea to get to know the show as some of you am sure will be asked to audition later on this year.

You can listen to the soundtrack on iTunes here or Spotify here. This is a catchy and brassy score. Given the nature of the show is all based on characters and personalities, there are lots of good character songs we can explore, and here are some suggestions (along with the sheet music):


Listen To Your Heart




Join the Family Business

The Brain

Please Send Me Someone (FYI – the music playing in the video is the soundtrack from the show, however, the person who posted a different visual to the soundtrack. I would ignore it since its totally irrelavant to the show lol)




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