“It’s All About The Process…”


Those of you who are my students will hear me say this, one of the main things I constantly say is “everything is about PROCESS!” As soon as we start looking/working for results, then you haven’t learnt and chances are, you will get it wrong, and that’s when you become unreliable as a performer.

Joyce Didonato, one of my favourite opera singers, has once again made a very important point. Although this is an opera masterclass, the main principle remains the same in all art form.

The aria performed here is Donde Lieta from Puccini’s La Boheme. Puccini’s arias are notoriously hard as they required a phenomenal understanding of music and musicianship, and the voice needs to be developed to a certain stage before you can do the aria justice.

Putting opera to one side, in musical theatre, we can certainly apply this principle to the more advanced vocal technique (such as opera and belt quality) and even in dance, and most definitely in acting. If we try and aim for RESULTS, I promise you, you will either get it wrong or the audience will become disengaged/uninterested because it will not look/sound authentic. Understand what you are doing and approach it that way. If you don’t know WHAT or WHY you are doing certain things, make sure you ask your teacher – you owe it to yourself and your learning.

This is difficult principle to grasp, especially for the younger performers, however, the sooner we can all accept and understand this, the more content we will be, and I encourage you all to look for the process and not the results this week. Trust me, the results will come eventually if the process is in place.

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