10 Ways To Bomb Your Audition

There’s so much talk about what you need to do in auditions and not so much about what might actually ruin your audition.

Take a read at this article and try and avoid ever doing these 10 things 🙂


The ‘Do Not Sing’ List

Many of you often ask me about what song you SHOULDN’T sing in auditions… well, here’s a selection of them…

Song in order of appearance:

Still Hurting (The Last 5 Years) – I Dreamed A Dream (Les Mis) – Somewhere Thats Green (Little Shop of Horrors) – The Wizard and I (Wicked) – Ashtonishing (Little Women) – Don’t Rain On My Parade (Funny Girl) – Defying Gravity (Wicked) – Gimme Gimme (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

Of course, these songs made it to the ‘Do Not Sing List’ is because they are sung badly too Continue reading

Audition tips from behind the table

This week is half term week in most drama schools, this also means for most drama schools – it is the perfect time for auditions.

I know a few of my students are auditioning around various places hoping to gain a place in drama schools, so I think it’s the appropriate time to share an article on audition tips.

This article will give you an idea of what the panel are looking for. Although this isn’t specifically tailored to drama school auditions, the principles are very similar in concept Continue reading

Movement/Dance Call

Auditions, as we discovered, are a vital and unavoidable part of your musical theatre career, however, most articles seemed to focus on just the singing part of the audition and not the others. Although the points/skills are all transferable, this short little article sums up a few additional preparation points prior to your movement/dance call audition.

Enjoy 🙂



Dear West End Producer: ‘What are the cardinal sins of auditioning?’

Audition is such a regular part of an actor’s life, but so many people are still getting it wrong.

As I said previously, there’s no way to set ways to doing an audition because most of the time its all down to preference. This time West End Producer gives us his take on what he thinks are the absolute SIN in auditions…



5 Tips from behind the Table

I found this recently and thought it would be a worthwhile read.

There are so many articles on how actors should behave and present themselves in auditions, however, it is good to be reminded that there are also a lot of extra factors and choices to consider before making a final decision to the casting. Therefore, just because you didn’t get the part you wanted, it may not always be your fault (as long as you’ve done your best).



Dance Dance Dance

Last night aired another talent competition, but this time in dance!

Although Dance Dance Dance is more pop orientated, this is still valuable to watch as the musical theatre industry is dominated by pop music more and more.

You can watch Dance Dance Dance again on itv player.