What Is Your Dance CV?

Tyler Hanes is a Broadway performer. Over the years he has worked on numerous productions. Take a look at this video as Tyler talks through his experience and memories of the show, as well as giving you a little snapshot of his dancing skills 🙂


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Acting Advice from Broadway Stars


Wow! What a set of advice. I must have listened to this video a dozen times!

Musical theatre as we all know is a mixture of singing, dancing and ACTING! A lot of time we forget we are telling a story and embracing a different character because we are so focused on the singing and dancing when really, the reason you are singing and dancing is because the moment/character demands it. Go out and experience, see, study and observe the world. The more knowledge you have of the world and as a person, the more flavour and layers you will be able to bring to whatever role you are working on.

I often remind my students, acting is not the last thing you do or add to the character, but it should be the first. Before you even attempt to work on the song, you should have a good knowledge of what, where and why you are singing, because this will not just inform the choices you make, but the way you deliver the song/role as well. Of course, when you are in a show, the director, musical director and choreographer will help you refine those Continue reading

Ed Sherran’s advice


For this week, we have Ed Sheeran to motivate us! Although Ed in this video focuses on embarking a career as a musician, there are many principles I feel we can take and apply that to the field of Musical Theatre.

I remember hearing the theory of 10,000 hours rules – scientists believe that in order to be master any skillset, on average, you need to spend around 10,000 hours of practice. Of course, Ed Sheeran in this video refers to song-writing and getting his songs out to the Continue reading

Dear West End Producer: ‘What are the cardinal sins of auditioning?’

Audition is such a regular part of an actor’s life, but so many people are still getting it wrong.

As I said previously, there’s no way to set ways to doing an audition because most of the time its all down to preference. This time West End Producer gives us his take on what he thinks are the absolute SIN in auditions…



Maury Yeston: ‘No amount of money or scenery will fix a musical that doesn’t work’

Maury Yeston’s works have been featured a few times in London recently, and no doubt that he is capable of writing memorable music. His shows include Titanic, Death Takes A Holiday, Nine, Grand Hotel, Phantom and the song cycle December Songs.

In this interview, Yeston talks about the importance of music and its role in a musical. This is a fascinating read. Despite not being a composer or a writer, as a trained musician, I empathise Yeston’s insights entirely. A musical is made up predominantly of music and words, it makes total sense to me that those ingredients should be developed and written to the best since no interpretation can mask the faults in the writing. This is why the teachers and I always emphasise on listening to the music as the music (when it’s written well) gives you the information you need to understand and perform your chosen piece.

Check out the interview below for more words of wisdom.



Kevin Spacey: “There is no price!”


“There is no price out there, the only price is yourself, and what you feel and what you want to accomplish!” says Kevin Spacey.

For this Monday/week, I decided to share with you this video of Kevin Spacey’s advice. Kevin Spacey is one of the most prominent actors of his generation. He was also the artistic director of the Old Vic until 2015. During his time servicing as artistic director, he continues to perform, appearing both on stage and screen. He’s been there, done it, and he definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to a performing career.

This little extract from an interview captured the essence of what we performers choose to do what we do. It strikes me the most when he says that it is ‘not enough to just want to be successful, because that’s just desire’, but to know what you want and understand why you are doing it – that is the key to achieving anything you want.

Being a performer isn’t just about singing pretty tunes and kicking your legs from time to time. For me, it’s about sharing a message, it’s about educating, it’s about exchanging and collaborating. I want to use my skills and knowledge to enrich other people’s experience, that to me is more valuable and satisfying. As a teacher, this is also the reason why I am happy to put in the extra work for my students, as long as they are willing to learn and do the work.

What is your reason for choosing to perform? And what is driving you to achieve your goals?

Have a great week!


Percy Jackson Musical

Most of us are probabaly aware of the film version of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Theif, however, are we aware of the Musical Debut?

The Lightning Theif: The Percy Jackson Musical is due to open in March Off Broadway! Take a listen to the interview and one of the songs from the show and see what you think 🙂