There are a number of resources which I would encourage ALL my students (and even professionals) to use or at least be aware of in order to utilise them as much as they can.

This will significantly HELP your learning and research process, and some just for your enjoyment, but I hope you will find them helpful too ūüôā

Why don’t you CLICK on the LINKS¬†below and BOOKMARK/SAVE them to your browser now?






Scribd is a MUST-HAVE and is IDEAL for students! As students, you are expected to find and learn new songs week after week. If you are one of those people who needs sheet music but prefers to not pay for it every single time, Scribd is your friend.

For only $8.99 ( roughly £7), you have a wealth of resources not just in musical theatre, but all kinds of books, documents and audiobooks too.

By reading 2 books a month, you would have recouped your money back already without having the need to store the book physically at home.

Don’t believe me?

Why not start your 30-day trial¬†here¬†and see for yourself, you can always cancel it if you don’t like it.

*** is the largest online sheet music library. You can almost find every published sheet music here.

Personally, one of the main advantages of this website is the ability to download the sheet music in a different/transposed key. Do make sure you know which key you wanted first before downloading.

Check out the video below from themselves.

Discover Musicnotes - Download Sheet Music

Click the link here to Download Sheet Music at





Encore Radio is the only radio station in the UK to play songs from the musical theatre repertoire exclusively. You can listen to it either on an

You can listen to it either on an app or through the web, otherwise, your regular radio channel will work equally well.

This is a great way to learn and explore more popular rep. They never fail to play a showstopping hit!




Anyone who works in the music/entertainment industry, Spotify is another MUST-HAVE!

Personally, I would suggest the Premium membership. It is only £9.99 and you can access almost every piece of music and song in the world.

If you are a student, Spotify offers 50% discount on their Premium service (£4.99) and you can apply for the discount through Unidays or use your NUS Extra card. You just need to have one less G&T a month to afford the subscription.

*You might want to consider the¬†Family Membership¬†(¬£14.99). Spotify allows up to¬†5 users for Family Membership, if you are living with friends in the same house, it might be a better option to share this as it works out to be¬†cheaper than a Student Membership… just a thought!




Apple Music is another music service I would recommend to use. If you are an Apple user, then this might be the one for you.

Apple Music doesn’t offer a free membership, instead, they offer a 3-month free trial, after that, the pricing is ¬£9.99 for Premium and ¬£4.99 for students.¬†For that price, you will have access to their entire iTunes library. I mean… that is the price for half an album and you get to listen to the whole iTunes library, can you get more of a bargain than that?

*You might want to consider the Family Membership (¬£14.99). Similar to Spotify, iTunes allows up to 6 users for Family Membership, if you are living with friends in the same house, it might be a better option to share this as it works out to be¬†cheaper than a Student Membership… just another thought!



This by no means is the complete list of resources, please keep checking back to see whether there are any updated platforms/resources.

But for now, be sure to click on the links above and bookmark/save them into your internet browser. But you can always come back to this page and find the links again if you wish.

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