Top 10 Broadway Medley

Over the past decade, there is a growing trend/phenomenon in acapella groups/singing with Pentatonix being one of the most successful groups to date.

Nevertheless, this acapella group – Voiceplay made a number of medley videos, but below is a rendition of their top 10 Broadway medley. Partly because it’s just cool to watch, but I also hope this put a smile on your face too 🙂



Les Mis meets R&B

What happens when the wildly popular Les Mis gets re-adapted into a R&B number?

This happened!

Hope you enjoy 🙂



I Dreamed A Dream


On My Own

It’s almost Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here…

I hope turkeys are in place, presents are wrapped, and trees are well decorated. I’m sharing a couple of arrangements of my favourite Christmas tune. Why don’t you put it on in the background whilst getting yourself a glass a mulled wine?

What a way to get into the festive spirit. 🙂