“It’s All About The Process…”


Those of you who are my students will hear me say this, one of the main things I constantly say is “everything is about PROCESS!” As soon as we start looking/working for results, then you haven’t learnt and chances are, you will get it wrong, and that’s when you become unreliable as a performer.

Joyce Didonato, one of my favourite opera singers, has once again made a very important point. Although this is an opera masterclass, the main principle remains the same in all art form.

The aria performed here is Donde Lieta from Puccini’s La Boheme. Puccini’s arias are Continue reading

The opposite of WAR is not peace… it’s CREATION!

The opposite of WAR is not peace… it’s CREATION” – Joyce DiDonato

For our first post, this could not be more appropriate! What a fantastic reminder to us all that the reason we choose to pursue a career in this art form is for the simplest reason – creation!

Joyce gave a series of masterclasses at Carnegie Hall back in October 2016, here is a snippet of her fabulous wisdom!