Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein is a musical written by Mel Brooks, who also famously wrote the musical The Producers.

Young Frankenstein is the wickedly inspired re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, which sees the creation of a creature that cannot be controlled. When Frederick Frankenstein, a New York brain surgeon and professor, inherits a Transylvanian castle and laboratory from his genius, but
deranged grandfather, Victor Von Frankenstein, he quickly has some decisions to make.

Facing a scary dilemma, young Frankenstein must choose whether to run from his grandfather’s frightening legacy or to continue to crazily experiment withreanimating the dead. And, in the process, will he fall in love with his sultry lab assistant, Inga? (source)

The show will open at London’s Garrick Theatre on 10 October 2017, with previews from 28 September and its probably a good idea to get to know the show as some of you am sure Continue reading

Freaky Friday A New Musical

Freaky Friday is one of my most beloved ‘real-life’ movie by Disney. To know that a stage musical version will be produced, I am beyond excited! The story talks about a body swapping experience between a mother and daughter and how they learn to appreciate one another through the act of selfless love. The movie, starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, was extremely popular and I would recommend everyone to watch it if you haven’t already watched it. Continue reading

Lessons learnt from Dear Evan Hansen

Musicals can be a powerful medium when you have something to say and something we can relate to and resonate about. That is why Wicked is so successful still, especially amongst school students. Aside from the stunning visuals and genius music writing, Wicked is extremely relevant to our day to day lives and our human relationships. It is thought provoking and we can relate to at least one character in the show. Wicked is “Popular” in this sense because additional to the glitz and glam, the show touch on themes and concepts such as friendship, kindness, prejudice, love, good vs evil, bulling, consequences of actions, appearance vs reality, courage etc the list goes on… but the main point is that we can all relate to something that happened to the characters in the show.

Dear Evan Hansen is the latest musical to receive rapturous praise on Broadway. There are many similar themes compared to Wicked. Perhaps because it is set in a real life instead of the land of Oz, the show resonates with their audience night after night, and from this article and brief video synopsis, it sums up some of the lessons we can take/learn from the show as an actor and as a person.




More to Dear Evan Hansen

Check out the latest release of another song from the musical Dear Evan Hansen… What a lovely song 🙂




Percy Jackson Musical

Most of us are probabaly aware of the film version of Percy Jackson And The Lightning Theif, however, are we aware of the Musical Debut?

The Lightning Theif: The Percy Jackson Musical is due to open in March Off Broadway! Take a listen to the interview and one of the songs from the show and see what you think 🙂


The Girls (aka Calendar Girls)

Gary Barlow’s New Musical The Girls, based on the story of Calendar Girls will soon open at the Phoenix Theatre at the West End.

I remember watching the film Calendar Girls when I was younger and was moved by the story, although there are a ‘Calendar Girls play’, I’m pleased that this story gets a musical adaptation because I’m sure all of us enjoys watching middle age women stripping off on stage. I guess it definitely gets the middle age men going to the theatre haha.

Anyway, take a look at the rehearsal and interview of the musical here. The musical opens on 28th Jan, I’m definitely booking tickets to this and hope to see what you think. 🙂


DISCOVERY TUESDAY – ‘Higher’ from Allegiance

Hi people… I’ve decided to start a new little series called ‘Discovery Tuesday’ as some of you expressed an interest in discovering more song.

‘Discovery Tuesday’ will be a place where I will share a song which I think students should know but they may not know yet. These songs may not be the most recent composition, but hopefully will be something that might be considered as a ‘hidden gem’ to some capacity and be something where you might want to learn and add to your repertoire. 🙂

To start the series off, I’m going to start by introducing you all to ‘Higher’ from Allegiance. Probably a slightly lesser known broadway musical to some, especially across the pond here in Europe, but the song is perfect for the ladies and what a treat it is to hear Lea Salonga singing it too.

Enjoy 🙂