Sunday In The Park With George


Sunday In the Park With George is making its revival on Broadway this season after 11 years. This time starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Geroge and Annaleigh Ashford as Dot.

Sunday In The Park With George Synopsis:

Inspired by George Seurat’s magnificent painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s soaring musical is itself an artistic masterpiece. The musical begins with the story of George and his model and lover Dot. As George struggles to find his artistic voice, he becomes more and more distant from the one woman who truly sees him for who he really is. Meanwhile, the characters that inhabit George’s painting have lives unto themselves, which George captures with his paintbrush. A century later, George and Dot’s descendants, themselves struggling artists, grapple with the same issues of artistic ingenuity, and a public who just doesn’t understand.Through melodic and heartbreaking music, poetic lyrics, and quick, jaunty wit, Sunday in the Park with George reveals universal truths about the nature of art, love, and passion, with the breadth and depth of art’s most enduring masterpieces. (Stageagent)

You can listen to the soundtrack on iTunes or Spotify or on Youtube below…

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday In The Park With George

Well, this is definitely a new highlight on Broadway this year.

Sunday In The Park With George is one of Sondheim’s most famous works, and this time, it will star Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead – George.

Check out his rendition of Finishing The Hat and see what you think 🙂



Wild Party

The Wild Party by Michael John La Chiusa is coming to The Other Palace (aka St James theatre) soon, arguably the lesser know of the two Wild Partys, but take a look at a little promo clip of Black Is A Moocher, a number from the show here 🙂

Be sure to book your ticket if you are interested!



Beauty And The Beast Movie

Beauty and the beast is probably one of the most anticipated musical/re-make movie of 2017.

The movie will be aired in UK cinema in March and I certainly will be making a trip to the cinema to watch it.

Take a look at the trailer and a little sneaky preview of Emma Watson as Belle 🙂





La Cage Aux Folles

Ben Kenwright’s latest production La Cage Aux Folles will embark on its first ever UK tour starting this week (5th Jan, 2017) in Oxford! Famously known for the song I Am What I Am, set designer Gary McCann spoke to WhatsOnStage about the challenges and the thought process behind his set design.

It is easy for us to forget that apart from performers, there are a team of creatives who also contributed to the overall production! The set designer is no exception.

To find out more about La Cage, heres a brief trailer 🙂