London Road


London Road the musical is written based on a real-life event of a serial killer in London Road near Ipswich. The musical is written in the verbatim style – a style of writing where the musical is constructed using the text exactly as recorded in documentaries and interviews. The ‘music’ and lyrics is dictated and mimicked mainly by the rhythm, pace and pitch of the spoken words.

London was a project launched by the National Theatre initially, however, after receiving many positive reviews, the show was taken on a national tour and later in 2015, reworked for a film adaptation which was recently broadcasted on BBC iplayer.

London Road – written by Alecky Blythe (book and lyrics) and Adam Cork (music and Continue reading

It Sucks To Be Me

This is a little fun video for you all…

So apparently a new TV show called I Can Do That in America where they put celebrities in teams, giving them unique acts to perform and hopefully discover something/a hidden skill they don’t even know they have/can do.

Most recently, Nicole Scherzinger and Joe Jonas took on the challenge and performed It Sucks To Be Me from Avenue Q. This looks like a very entertaining TV programme, I might just dig a little deeper and see what else they’ve been doing… But for the time being, see what you think 🙂


Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand

BBC has made a new 3-part documentary on musical theatre, this episode takes a look at some of the musicals written in the early MT period, you’ll hear songs by Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers and Irving Berlin, as well as some performances and interviews with giant household names.

PS – As this is broadcasted on BBC iplayer, be sure to watch it before it expires at early Feb, enjoy 🙂


James Corden takes on Neil Patrick Harris

Take a look at this video of the last two Tony award presenters having a ‘riff’ off in The Late Late Show.


Dance Dance Dance

Last night aired another talent competition, but this time in dance!

Although Dance Dance Dance is more pop orientated, this is still valuable to watch as the musical theatre industry is dominated by pop music more and more.

You can watch Dance Dance Dance again on itv player.


The Voice UK – ITV

A few channels away, The Voice UK has also began their first episode to a new season of reality TV singing competition.

This year, Jennifer Hudson and Gavin Rossdale has joined The Voice’s team of coaches along with and Tom Jones, and already it has proven to be a great success.

This should be a fun series to watch 🙂

The Voice will be broadcasted on ITV and you can watch it again here if you’ve missed it on Saturday night.


Let It Shine – BBC New Talent Show

What are your thoughts on talent shows? Over the years British television has broadcasted a number of musical theatre talent shows such as Superstar for Jesus Christ Superstar, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria for The Sound of Music, Over The Rainbow for The Wizard of Oz, and Any Dream Will Do for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to name a few.

This year, BBC launched a new musical theatre talent show last night looking 5 guys who will play the members of the band in the new Take That Musical.

You can re-watch the episode on BBC iplayer.

Its interesting to hear a variety of voices and performances between trained and untrained singers too.