The Girls (aka Calendar Girls)

Gary Barlow’s New Musical The Girls, based on the story of Calendar Girls will soon open at the Phoenix Theatre at the West End.

I remember watching the film Calendar Girls when I was younger and was moved by the story, although there are a ‘Calendar Girls play’, I’m pleased that this story gets a musical adaptation because I’m sure all of us enjoys watching middle age women stripping off on stage. I guess it definitely gets the middle age men going to the theatre haha.

Anyway, take a look at the rehearsal and interview of the musical here. The musical opens on 28th Jan, I’m definitely booking tickets to this and hope to see what you think. 🙂


Are we diversify enough?

Do you think our theatre circle is too racially biased?

Andrew Lloyd Webber seem to think so…

What do you think?


Dreamgirls London

This just sums up the performance I saw of Dreamsgirls earlier on this year. Go watch it whilst you can. Definitely one of the strongest vocal performances I’ve heard in a west-end stage, and quite rightly so, there were 3 standing ovations over the course of the show – it was that impressive.